Don't Put Her Down

Julia Golonka
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DON'T PUT HER DOWN explores how Hazel Dickens, along with her musical partner Alice Gerard, became the first women to front a bluegrass band and reflects on the role of women in bluegrass today. The film covers Hazel’s migration to Baltimore from coal country West Virginia, her activism for coal miners and working people, and the impact her upbringing had on her songwriting. Lifelong collaborators and up-and-coming musicians share what it means to have bluegrass songs written from a woman’s point of view and keep Hazel’s memory alive.
Movie Tavern 4
March 27, 2022 3:00 PM
Virtual 3
March 25, 2022 7:00 PM
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32 mins

Director / Producer: Julia Golonka                                  

Assistant Editor: Madeline Becker                          

Consulting Editor: Kirsten Hollander                  

Director of Photography: Michael O'Leary, Julia Golonka                                                            

Composer: Connor Vance                                                

Audio Engineer: Tim St. Clair                                      

Archival Assistant: Clara Rieldinger                            

Featuring: Ketch Secor, Molly Tuttle, Ginny Hawker, Karen Collins, Avery Hellman, Dudley Connell

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