Zero Gravity

Thomas Verette
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ZERO GRAVITY is a powerful and inspirational story about education, science, and the next generation that follows a diverse group of middle school students who compete in a nationwide competition to code satellites aboard the International Space Station. Seen through the wondrous eyes of three young innovators and their first-time coach, they each embark on an intimate and personal journey to the final frontier as their team grows from amateur coders to representing California in the ISS Finals Tournament — the culmination of a summer-long adventure that sees their incredible accomplishment performed by astronauts in orbit.
Movie Tavern 3
March 25, 2022 4:30 PM
Virtual 2
March 26, 2022 11:00 AM
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74 mins

Director / Producer / Editor: Thomas Verrette 

Director of Photography: Carlos Marulanda 

Music Composer: Penka Kouneva 

Executive Producers: David Worthen Brooks, Stacey Parks, Joey DiFranco, Katey Selix, Seth Hummel 

Co-Executive Producers: Katie Magrane, Alvar Saenz-Otero, Danielle Wood Featuring: Tanner Marcoida, Carol Gonzalez, Advik Gonugunta, Adrien Engelder and Astronauts Jack Fischer, Cady Coleman, Steve Smith

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