Cheryl Allison
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Dumped and alone at a city park, Honk spends his days dodging cars, begging for food and looking for friends. When Cheryl and Honk's path cross unexpectedly, what follows is a story in which fairy tales are made. During an unprecedented time of lock downs and social distancing, this unlikely pair turn to each other for companionship. After Cheryl shares videos of their unusual friendship on social media, Honk becomes an overnight sensation resultling in people all over the world becoming invested in his well-being. Cheryl learns why Honk is alone and the two embark on an uncertain journey together.
Movie Tavern 5
March 26, 2022 10:30 AM
Virtual 3
March 27, 2022 3:30 PM
Project Type: 
50 mins

Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Cheryl Allison                        

Executive Producers: Milfred Hammerbacher, Patricia Hammerbacher                                

Producer/Cinematographer: Natalie Murray                      

Producer: Alison Smith                                  

Featuring: Honk the Goose, Cheryl Allison, Kathy Rogers, Mary Beth Purdy, Rusty Gragsone, Angie Bolling

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Final Broadcast
"Final Broadcast is a 3 piece band from Denton Texas. Singer/guitarist-Ian Messerli, bassist-Tony Bustamante and drummer-Bill Kensik, formed the band to share their love of writing, recording and performing. Ian had spent years toiling away by himself, writing and recording countless songs but missing out on the volley of ideas that comes from working with other musicians. He dabbled in every genre of music trying to find a style that represented who he was as a songwriter. Finding someone who understood where he was coming from was challenging until he found a kindred spirit in Bill Kensik. The band itself started with a chance meeting between Bill and Ian through mutual friend and original bassist Keith Faulkner. The creative chemistry shared by the two of them fueled a great combination of rhythm and melody that sparked a true musical bond. Bill's mix of power and intricacy behind the drum kit brought an urgency and strength to the songs Ian had been developing. Although started in 2018, the band didn't really take shape until the addition of Tony Bustamante. Tony and Ian spent years touring and performing as founding members of the Dallas Pop Rock band Valve, and the opportunity to work together again proved to be effortless and fruitful. His addition brought a rich and stylized sound that truly fleshed out what Final Broadcast has become. Drawing from influences ranging from 90's Alternative, Shoegaze, Brit Pop, Classic Rock and even some Electronica, the sound that they have cultivated is both new, and reminiscent of the sounds of the past. With brute force drumming, the punishing growl of the bass, a swirling buzzsaw of guitars, and melody filled vocals, there is a wall of sound coming from this trio."