The road bad and the place dark

Borja Larrondo
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Sierra Leone is the second poorest country in the world. After overcoming one of the toughest and bloodiest civil wars, in 2014 they had to face one of the most devastating epidemics in living memory, Ebola. The consequences of those horrors ended up extinguishing the spark of development and plunging the population into total darkness in which they have been living since 1992. The lack of stable light supply is a major constraint for the development of medical work, directly affecting the life expectancy of Sierra Leone people.
Movie Tavern 4
March 26, 2022 9:00 PM
Virtual 2
March 24, 2022 8:00 PM
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23 mins

Director / Writer: Borja Larrondo                        

Producers: Borja Larrondo, Ramón Corominas, The Kids Are Right, Lobo Kane            

Cinematographers: Miguel Ángel Viñas, Borja Larrondo                                                                              

Direct Sound: Paco Alonso                                  

Sound Mixing: Sergio López-Eraña                      

Editing: Nerea Mugüerza                                    

Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ryan Taubert

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"The cast of Radioactivity reads like the credits to an all-star lineup of Texas punk and garage rock royalty, including members of The Marked Men, Mind Spiders, Bad Sports, Wax Museums, The Reds, VIDEO, and The Novice. Jeff Burke is one of the most distinctive songwriters in the punk rock underground, and these songs will sound instantly familiar to any fans of the aforementioned. Radioactivity's first LP was rightly hailed as a sort of sequel to The Marked Men's remarkable run through the first decade of the millennium, and while Silent Kill bears the unmistakable hallmarks of that band's tightly wound ""Denton sound,"" Radioactivity can now lay claim to a sonic territory of their very own. Burke's distinctive hooks dig as deep as ever, but the scope of his vision has expanded. Although the twelve songs on Silent Kill abide one strict rule--providing garage punk pleasure at all costs--Radioactivity bend that mandate in myriad ways. Breathless ragers like ""Battered"" and ""No Alarm"" are as fleet and raw as anything in the combined canon of Radioactivity's members, while mid-tempo heartbreakers ""Way Out,"" ""Connection"" and ""Where I Come From"" find Burke and company opening up their sound to let in a little tenderness. And then there are songs like ""Not Here"" or ""With You,"" which enact perfect unions of melody and kinetic energy. Admirers of Burke's legacy will be not only satisfied, but pleasantly surprised. Homebase: Denton, Texas Label: Dirtnap Records"