The Outside Circle

Craig Rullman
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THE OUTSIDE CIRCLE tells the stories of Len Babb -- a lifelong buckaroo and accomplished western artist, the Murphy family -- fifth generation Oregon ranchers fighting to preserve their land and legacy, and Victoria Jackson -- a Paiute-Shoshone rodeo champion whose family legacy in the Great Basin reaches back over 14,000 years. Determined to preserve their heritage, traditions, and livelihoods far from the cultural, political, and economic centers of wider America – on what working cowboys call The Outside Circle -- the narratives find a common thread in their modest adherence to the values of faith, family, friends, and community.
Movie Tavern 5
March 26, 2022 6:00 PM
Virtual 1
March 27, 2022 12:00 PM
Project Type: 
90 mins

Director / Writer: Craig Rullman  

Executive Producer: Jeffrey Brown

Producers: Craig Rullman, Cris Converse

Director of Photography: Samuel Pyke

Filmed and Edited by: Samuel Pyke

Second Cameraman: Cody Rheault

Audio Engineer: John Brown    

Colorist: Alex Walker                                                

Original Music by: Jim Cornelius, Lilli Worona, Mike Biggers, Adrian Brannan

Featuring: Len Babb, Gloria Babb, Martin Murphy, Brady Murphy, Jan Murphy, John Langmore, Dr. Jeremy Johnston, Dr. Larry Len Peterson, Waddie Mitchell, Lance Richardson, Victoria Jackson, Al Jackson, Arlo Crutcher, Cary Schwarz

Co-Host for Screenings: North Texas Fair and Rodeo,

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